We are on one of the most beautiful spots of Aegina, on the road between Aegina town and the picturesque villages of Marathon and Perdika. And it is right across the road from the sea shore! Just open the garden gate, cross the road and you're there! Show in Google Maps

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the   Islands of Agistri and Moni and the Peninsula of Perdika, sleep at night listening to the melody of the sea waves gently lapping on the shore!

The town with its almost limitless choice of bars and restaurants is just a short hop away (2,5 km). If you feel like walking, it would take you about 30 minutes. You can also call a radio-taxi for about €4-5.

Spoil yourself by choosing in which beautiful waterfront bar or restaurant along the route you will have your drinks, lunch or diner.

A beautiful organized sandy beach with bamboo umbrellas, long chairs and a full bar operates just 100 metres away, with warm and shallow water, safe for toddlers and small children.

Local tip

Although the whole island is beautiful, “our” side (the one facing west-southwest) is generally acknowledged as being the most desirable. It is gently sloped, has a fantastic view of the other islands and the Pelopenese across the water, and is gifted with warm and shallow sandy beaches. It is not by chance that Aegina town is on this side!

Aegina looks like an inverted triangle on the map. The “top” side (facing north) has fewer beaches, faces the mainland and Athens and is usually quite windy (in Greece the winds are usually northern, and sometimes quite strong in the summer). The right side (facing east-southeast) is mostly rocky, with the notable exception of Aghia Marina, a sandy beach near the top righthand side “corner” of the island. The Island