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Third Year Project (PGPim)


Final Year Project

My Third year project is a PGP-secured Messaging service.

All communications will be encrypted with the each user's public keys. The private keys will be generated and remain in the user's hard drive (never go on the wire).This begs the question of signing in from other locations-this will be resolved by generating temporary PGP keypairs in those locations, which will be disposed of after signing out.

The service will try to improve on IM technologies and offer innovative features such as
    •Shared music playlist
    •Shared folders (ala CVS)
    •Built-in instant blogging
    •More flexible online status

I plan to deploy this service in the field after completing it as an academic project.

The specification is not yet complete. A survey has been set up here, please take 5 minutes to fill it in.


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