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Presonal Preferences or "I Like..."

Palm over PocketPC (Although I strongly disagree with PalmOne's business and marketing decisions)
*note, 2010: back when I first wrote this, this was relevant. And it wasn't even that long ago.

Google over Microsoft I mean, world-domination wise..

Apple over { } Classic.

OSS Spirit to Commercial Spirit. But you don't get filthy rich by OSS spirit, and I guess I like money too.

Adam Douglas. A funny, funny man. I am sorry he is gone. The world(s) needs more of him.

PHP over ASPNaturally.

Penetration, some TestingProfessionally, I mean. Like, Information Security professionally. Stop giggling.


Skiing over Snowboarding Indeed.

Humour Indeed.

Donationware If only it paid a bill or two.

John Dvorak over the people who criticise him. The man has definitelly said note-worthy things (also some undeniably attention-seeking crap) but at all times he has been a successful journalist in selling his piece to both people who like him and not. And, he is frequently the center of attention. And the only thing worse than being talked about in not being talked about, so there you go. I like John Dvorak.

SSH on iPhone Why pay for tethering?

Random Pages Not unlike this one.

Playing around with CSS Indeed.

AndAlsoDogs, Cars, Puppies, Sun, Sea, Summer, Graphics, Photography, Good Food, Good sex, Ridiculous Steganography, Senseless Capitalization, Et, Cetera.


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