The Island: Aegina


Aegina is superbly suited for family vacations. It is quiet enough for the older members, while having enough activities and nightlife for the younger crowd to enjoy themselves. Whether you chose to stay with us or not, we are sure that when the time comes to part ways, you will not regret your decision to vacation here.

Places to go

The town center and harbor are popular destinations for an evening stroll around the shops, or a walk along the peer. Make sure you try some Pistachio Nuts while you're there. They are world renowned and very tasty!

After having explored the town of Aegina and its antiquities, take a taxi or bus to the famous Agios Nektarios church & monastery and the ancient Temple of Aphaea nearby. Continue towards Agia Marina with its sandy beach and multitude of hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants. On your way back, be sure to take the road which runs along the northern shore of the island and enjoy the spectacular view of the Saronic gulf and the lights of Athens and Piraeus in the distance. You must give this excursion a full day.

If you feel like exploring on your own, there is no better place to start than the road that passes in front of the villa. Turn right to head towards the town, or left towards the villages of Marathon and Perdika. It is a scenic route dotted with small harbors, beaches, bars, cafés and seafront restaurants. Wherever you stop for swimming, refreshments or dining, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the islands of Agistri and Moni, and the Peloponese mountains reflected over a beautiful sea.

Perdika is a fishing village famous for its fish tavernas. It is highly recommended if you feel like eating the day's catch. From there you can also take a small boat for a short hop to Moni island for a full day of sunbathing, swimming and exploring.

While in Aegina, you can also visit the nearby island of Agistri (about 10 mins), or take the boat to Poros island (about 1 hour).

Last, but not least, for the adventurous types there is snorkeling, scuba diving, children's sailing school, bicycling and music and dancing bars.

For more information and things to do, try the Aegina Greece portal.

Aegina has many beautiful beaches. Here's a handy guide, and you can also explore to find the non-organised beaches! The closest organized beach is "Aqua Loca", about a minute away on foot (maybe two in sandals).

Have you ever experienced open-air cinema? Once common in Greece, they have become more and more sparse in the last decades, but you can still find two or three in the town. Films are first rate and very recent. While you won't find any 3D shows (which is not necessarily a bad thing), you get to sit under the night sky, every two chairs separated by a small round table, and you can watch the film while drinking your cold coke or beer and eating potato crisps, pistachios or your souvlaki. You can even smoke!

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